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Manager: David Fielden

FA Level 1 Coaching

FA Safeguarding

FA First Aid

Dave joined the club back in 2015 when he became coach for the Warriors. Dave has since gone on to manage the Vikings and created a very strong and technically advanced bunch of players. Dave is an experienced player and has taken to management like a duck to water, his approach is brilliant and he knows how to get the best from each player both on an individual and team basis.

Welcome To Southbrook Vikings

Southbrook Vikings have just completed their 3rd season after forming from the current Southbrook Warriors. Southbrook Vikings comprises of 12 players with both boys and girls.

Southbrook Vikings manager David Fielden is a qualified FA level 1 coach and will soon be completing his FA level 2 badge. David’s sessions are always fun and challenging, making David enthusiastic and wanting his players to play to the best of their abilities and giving them the opportunity to progress.

Southbrook Vikings travelled to the Netherlands in 2017 to play in the Arnhem Cup and the in the ESF at Butlins Bognor Regis in 2018.